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Mother Is Coming
Mother Is Coming, For 30 years, FoxTrot cartoonist Bill Amend has been injecting his quirky brand of family humor into America’s newspapers and bookshelves while earning a reputation as an authority at signing overly well-read, dog-eared paperbacks.With Mother Is Coming, the first FoxTrot, , Bill Amend, Jason Fox, Paige Fox, Roger Fox, Comics, Syndication, Quincy iguana, Math jokes, Cartoon, humor, Bill Amend, cartoon, Comics, Fox Trot, FoxTrot, humor, Jason Fox, Math jokes, Paige Fox
The Best of FoxTrot
The Best of FoxTrot, Reuben Award–winning cartoonist Bill Amend culls through 20 years of FoxTrot strips to select his personal favorites for this lavish retrospective.Since the 1988 launch of Bill Amend’s FoxTrot, Amend has humorously depicted suburban living through the adventures, -winning cartoonist Bill Amend culled through 20 years of FoxTrot strips to select his personal favorites for this lavish retrospective.Since the 1988 launch of Bill Amend's FoxTrot, Amend has
Wildly FoxTrot
Wildly FoxTrot, The humor and appeal of FoxTrot derive from the interaction of it's characters, not from silly events imposed from without." -Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes Everyone with a brother or sister knows about sibling rivalry, but when it involves Peter, Paige, and Jason Fox, the chaos that ensues is hilariously one of a kind. In Bill Amend's comic strip, FoxTrot, . Amend's insightful peek inside the Fox family provides fans with recognition and laughs. Wildly
Death by Field Trip
Death by Field Trip, It's indisputable at this point: FoxTrot is one of the most loved strips to ever hit the funny pages. Creator Bill Amend's FoxTrot collection, Death by Field Trip, adds to the strip's great legacy.Death by Field Trip follows the humorous exploits of teenagers Peter and Paige and their imaginative little brother, Jason, as they balance the pressures of the modern world with the daily complexities and clashes of family life. Parents Roger and Andy round out the Fox family
FoxTrot Sundaes
the National Cartoonists Society presented Bill Amend with its prestigious Reuben Award.With FoxTrot Sundaes, FoxTrot Sundaes, Our cartoon with the broadest appeal. In January 2007, FoxTrot became a Sunday only cartoon. This is a collection of Sundays since then. FoxTrot Sundaes is a cool treat that follows the amusingly chaotic lives of the Fox family--Jason, Peter, Paige, and their parents, Roger and Andy--since FoxTrot became a Sunday-only comic strip.In this anthology, Amend gathers all the color
My Hot Dog Went Out, Can I Have Another?
My Hot Dog Went Out, Can I Have Another?, FoxTrot has become one of America's most popular comic strips. After 17 successful collections and eight treasuries, there are nearly three million FoxTrot books in circulation. The strip appears in more than a thousand newspapers.In his 18th collection of the fabulous comic strip, FoxTrot creator Bill Amend delivers a look at teen and family life, for more of the crazy life of the Fox family. Amend keeps his comedy fresh by dipping into the pop
Who's Up for Some Bonding?
Who's Up for Some Bonding?, As always, the more of Bill Amend's work you can get in one place, the merrier. And there's plenty to be merry about here. FoxTrot remains one of the best family strips around, filled with character comedy that becomes funnier the more time you spend with it." Family-focused reviews of books, software, music, and more.Bill Amend does it better than, , irreverent, and downright wacky is unsurpassed. In Who's Up for Some Bonding?, Amend's antics
Wrapped-Up FoxTrot
Wrapped-Up FoxTrot, Bill Amends treasury, Wrapped-Up FoxTrot, will leave FoxTrot fans with a lasting impression and a lot of laughs.Now a Sunday-only strip, this anthology includes colored Sundays as well as the final dailies of the comic Entertainment Weekly said "is the most idiosyncratic one to debut since Calvin and Hobbes."Fans get all the family angst and antics they can handle, is always fresh, topical, and irreverent in this wacky house.* Amend's FoxTrot won the National
Enormously FoxTrot
a recognizable, albeit quirky, look into the real world of growing up.Cartoonist Bill Amend, who, Enormously FoxTrot, "Has there ever been a comic strip quite like FoxTrot? That is, a genuine, family-comedy strip?...Well, then, enjoy Amend's unfailingly delightful takes on the abrasions of family life." --ALA BooklistAnyone who's ever experienced the turmoils of family life will relish this FoxTrot treasury, Enormously FoxTrot. A wild and witty compendium comprising the best-selling
Houston, You Have a Problem
placement on TV. * As testament to his strip's wide appeal and industry acclaim, Bill Amend

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