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Believe, Watercolor artist Becky Kelly's "Liberty Girl" believes that hope springs eternal. This patriotic journal encourages hope and optimism. Author's web site:, 9780740726378, (Collection), ,
My Little One
My Little One, Innocence. Tranquility. Laughter. Love. This beautiful keepsake title by Becky Kelly captures the magic and enchantment of childhood and celebrates the wonder and awe that a baby brings into the world. The perfect gift for parents and grandparents to be, Kelly's luminous periwinkle-infused watercolor illustrations mingle with heartfelt and playful verse to perfectly celebrate those joyful newfound moments., 9780740773891, (Collection), ,
Magic Little Moments
Magic Little Moments, Life's greatest pleasures are often found in its simplest moments. Becky Kelly has a unique talen for recognizing these moments and turning them into heartwarming watercolor illustrations. This little book is a charming reminder to live life fully. Author's web site:, 9780740723544, (Collection), ,
And Then in a Twinkling
And Then in a Twinkling, There's wonder and magic in Christmas, and this little book from illustrator Becky Kelly captures it perfectly. And Then In A Twinkling offers both a celebration of the season and a gentle reminder to keep the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts. Becky's ethereal and radiant watercolors illustrate an upbeat and inspiring message written in rhyming verse, like: "Don't miss the wonder, while lost in to-dos, because, in a twinkling...this day will be through
The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas, * The only edition of The Night Before Christmas to come personally endorsed with an authentic letter from St. Nicholas. * Becky Kelly's artwork captures the essence of wide-eyed youth and vividly transports readers to holidays filled with awe-inspiring wonderment. Best-selling watercolor artist Becky Kelly imbues Clement C. Moore's Christmas classic with a shimmering, as they do in this beautiful rendition of The Night Before Christmas. With Kelly's enchanting
Brighter Days Are on the Way
Brighter Days Are on the Way, Becky Kelly creates a wonderful world indeed."Becky Kelly's spirit-infused watercolor illustrations perfectly capture the warmth, generosity-and fun!-that exists between people who care about each other. This new book from artist Becky Kelly and writer Patrick Regan makes a wonderful addition to Becky's growing library of books. Brighter Days Are on the Way is the perfect way to let someone know you're thinking about her. Saying "get well" sometimes doesn't quite
A Teacher Gave Me Wings
A Teacher Gave Me Wings, When I longed to see the world,A teacher gave me wings...And urged me always to exploreThe in and out of things.Our favorite teachers make us feel that we'll succeed at anything we try. In this charming gift book, richly illustrated with artist Becky Kelly's spirit-infused watercolor illustrations, we find the best way to thank the teachers in our lives. Our favorite, --a teacher can be anyone with a generous heart and an open mind. Becky Kelly reminds us "whenever
My Grandmother Showed Me the Stars
My Grandmother Showed Me the Stars, My grandmother showed me that wisdom comes with age, but that a joyful heart is forever young. --My Grandmother Showed Me the Stars * No one captures the essence of cherished family bonds like renowned artist Becky Kelly. In My Grandmother Showed Me the Stars, award-winning watercolor artist Becky Kelly celebrates the special bond between grandmothers and grandchildren. Her ethereal illustrations combine with heartfelt words of appreciation
My Little One: Sugar & Spice
My Little One: Sugar & Spice, It's hard to express the feelings of joy that accompany the arrival of a new baby girl-but Sugar and Spice gets it just right. Becky Kelly's feathery soft and spirit-infused watercolor illustrations perfectly capture the delicate beauty of a "freshly arrived" little one. Paired with heartfelt yet playful verse, Becky's touching images offer a vivid reminder that little girls are much more than just sugar and spice. This little gem of a book is the perfect keepsake
Fairy Wishes for Mom
Fairy Wishes for Mom, Every mother could use a little extra help around the house, and Becky Kelly has employed a team of fairies for assistance! This little kit makes a perfect gift for Mother because Becky's fairies offer ideas for how other members of the family can pitch in. The kit includes:* 30 "coupon" cards that Mom can redeem to "get out of things," like "Good for getting out of carpool," or "Good for one load of dishes."* Four magnets that Mom can use to post her coupons* A spinner

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