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Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit! 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar
Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit! 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar, The Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit! 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar by Allan Zullo is chock-full of homespun country humor.Each colorful page, with a cheerful cross-stitch pattern, features a knee-slappin' country saying, expression, manner of speaking, or turn of phrase that'll bring on loads of hoots and hollers.As an added bonus, the back of each page includes Daily Extra content such as puzzles, jokes, lists, quotes, activities
Golf Is a Funny Game
Course to the amateur hacker who was hit in the head by his own ricocheting golf ball, Allan Zullo, Golf Is a Funny Game, Whether it's the hacker who caught his own ricocheted drive, the pro who stripped down to his shorts to play a shot, or the caddie who lost a golf bag during a round, one thing is certain: Golf is a funny game." -From the introduction From bogies and birdies to par shots and eagles, Zullo offers outrageously funny golf tales certain to entertain golf's millions
A Boomer's Guide to Grandparenting
A Boomer's Guide to Grandparenting,    A Boomer's Guide to Grandparenting welcomes baby boomers to the grandparenting game. The Zullos have tapped fellow boomer grandparents and leaders in the child care and grandparenting fields to share their expertise and help recent grandparents find success and enjoyment in their new relationships with their children and grandchildren.     We are your typical boomer nana and papa," say authors Kathryn and Allan Zullo, "younger, healthier, wealthier
Amazing But True Golf Facts
Amazing But True Golf Facts, Viktor Johansson routinely hits a golf ball more than 420 yards. His clubhead speed has been clocked at 165 mph-most top pros measure out at about 110 mph-and he breaks driver shafts or caves in clubheads at least once a week. At long-driving shows, he's billed as 'Swing Kong.'" -Amazing but True Golf FactsIn Amazing but True Golf Facts Allan Zullo and Chris Rodell have put together astonishing, mind-boggling, and beyond belief morsels from the world of golf.Some
The Greatest Firefighter Stories Never Told
The Greatest Firefighter Stories Never Told, The firefighters who lost their lives in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center have become well-known—and rightfully so. But firefighters throughout America risk life and limb every day, many times without any acknowledgement whatsoever, let alone fame or fortune.In The Greatest Firefighter Stories Never Told, authors Mike Santangelo, Mara Bovsun, and Allan Zullo have collected more than two dozen gripping accounts of America's bravest
Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit
Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit, They're called colloquialisms, idioms, of just good old fashioned, home-grown country sayings steeped in humor and home-spun common sense. These parlances might not fit the modern hoity toity rhetoric you're used to seeing in print or hearing on TV, and that's exactly why they're more refreshing than an ice cube in July. In Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit, Author Allan Zullo offers up more than 200 vernacular verses presented in themes

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