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There's Treasure Everywhere
There's Treasure Everywhere, In the world that Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes share, treasures can be found in the most unlikely places, from the outer regions where Spaceman Spiff travels to the rocks in one's own backyard. In the latest cartoon collection from the talented pen of Bill Watterson, this curious duo roams their world ever in search of the fortunes (and misfortunes!) to be experienced. Color & black & white cartoons throughout., 9780836213133, (Collection), ,
The Revenge of the Baby-Sat
The Revenge of the Baby-Sat,   "Calvin and Hobbes provided an exhilarating blend of fantasy, sophistication, pungent humor and superb drawing that was dazzling." —The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio  With keen insight, Bill Watterson depicted life through the eyes of a child in Calvin and Hobbes—with all the inherent fun and frustrations. Through the adventures of this engaging pair, the limits, through time, transmogrified themselves, and stirred up trouble.  Watterson's vibrant characterization
It's a Magical World
It's a Magical World, When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued, Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning. Fans have learned to survive -- despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper. It's a Magical World delivers all the satisfaction of visiting its characters once more. Calvin fans, -turned-Bug-Being; and Calvin's always inspired snowman art. There's no better way for Watterson fans
The Art of Richard Thompson
and six well-known peers, including Bill Watterson, the book will present Thompson's illustration work
Something Under the Bed Is Drooling
Something Under the Bed Is Drooling,   "Be good to yourself: Buy a copy of this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon book. If you don't laugh out loud at every third strip, check your pulse. You may be dead." —Phil Musick, Pittsburgh Press  Calvin is a rambunctious six-year-old whose manic antics threaten world peace. Hobbes is his stuffed tiger who comes alive when adults aren"t around. The saga of their daily exploits won cartoonist Bill Watterson the coveted Reuben Award for "Outstanding Cartoonist
Wildly FoxTrot
Wildly FoxTrot, The humor and appeal of FoxTrot derive from the interaction of it's characters, not from silly events imposed from without." -Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes Everyone with a brother or sister knows about sibling rivalry, but when it involves Peter, Paige, and Jason Fox, the chaos that ensues is hilariously one of a kind. In Bill Amend's comic strip, FoxTrot, the three kids continuously push each other's buttons while parents Roger and Andy try somehow to keep up
Mighty Alice Goes Round and Round
of energy to the daily newspaper. We have a real talent here." -Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin, Mighty Alice Goes Round and Round, Cartoonists are passionate about Richard Thompson’s work, and Cul de Sac has been given high praise from Bill Watterson.Cul de Sac chronicles the absurdly wonderful adventures of the Otterloop family. Alice, Petey, Mom, and Dad live in the cookie-cutter suburbs not far from the interstate. Here, and at school, their day-to-day life unfolds with simple joys
I'm Only in This for Me
I'm Only in This for Me, Includes Bill Watterson's collaborated cartoons! Are you tired of America's broken politics, tired partisan bickering, and really lame newspaper comics? Well, Stephan Pastis can't help you with the first two. But he, along with Rat, Pig, and the rest of the animal crew from Pearls Before Swine, voted the Most Reprehensible Comic Strip in the Continental U.S., icon: Stephan Pastis! (And also some weirdo named Bill Watterson.)      *Not an actual group or award
Review of the Week: Phoebe and Her Unicorn on BoingBoing
This week, we're sharing a stellar review of Phoebe and Her Unicorn from Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing!
and her imaginary friend ripped straight from the Bill Watterson/Calvin and Hobbes playbook
Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 1)
Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 1), "Phoebe is a remarkably real little girl, as bright and imaginative as Bill Watterson's Calvin, as touchingly vulnerable as Charles Schulz's Charlie Brown. And if these strike you as big names to conjure with, I'll go further and state for the record that in my opinion Heavenly Nostrils is nothing less than the best comic strip to come along since Calvin and Hobbes. Simpson is that good, and that original."--Peter S. Beagle

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