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Silent But Deadly
Silent But Deadly, This strip offers a fresh outlook and appeals to everyone . . . LIO is a comic strip that's edgy, funny, visually stunning, and truly different." --Daily CartoonistWith a feature film in the works from producer David Kirschner (Child's Play, An American Tail), LIO deftly melds the macabre with its brand of dark humor.Having been distinguished by Variety as "a fast riser," Mark Tatulli's morbidly mirthful pantomime comic strip, LIO, is humorously astute and just slightly
Day 4 - Desmond Pucket Blog Tour
Day 4 - Desmond Pucket Blog Tour, Welcome to day 4 of the 2013 Desmond Pucket blog tour! Since you’ve already learned a little bit about Desmond and author Mark Tatulli, we figure we’d take this opportunity to talk a little about the comics format, and why it’s so awesome. We all know that, by and large, kids love comics. But is that necessarily a good thing? The answer is a resounding YES. Research shows that comics (a term that encompasses comic strips, comic books, graphic novels

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