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Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust

In America, pie is a food—and a concept—that carries unusual resonance. It's time to revive a slice of Americana.

About the Book

Fresh from the oven just in time for the holidays comes Humble Pie (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.95), author Anne Dimock's homage to a lost American tradition: savory homemade pie. Readers will smell the cinnamon and feel the steam rising as they dig into this part memoir, part cookbook, and part social commentary.

Folksy and full of humor, Humble Pie is more than just an evocative journey through a life lived in pie. It is a culinary manifesto for a pie renaissance, inviting readers to dust off their aprons and dust up their rolling pins. "Roll back the apprehension, the doubt, and enter the childlike state of grace where all things are possible and anything lost can be found again."

Anne shares her thoughts on the Zen of making crust, the politics of pie, judging a man according to his pie-eating methods, state fair competitions, the search for a decent slice at roadside diners, and much more. She also shares her recipes, including a "no excuse for not making a pie" pie for true novices.

Whether your tastes run to blueberry or rhubarb, 
Humble Pie will bring you to the table. Anne evokes our memories of warm slices and steels our resolve. From there, pie-making is "like tying a shoelace. It looks like a complicated knot, but you just make a few loops and tug them into place. Eventually that's how making a pie will feel to you?. The pie you seek resides not only in memory and imagination—your next piece of pie begins right here."

Anne Dimock is the Proust of pie and her remembrance of pies past is meant to inspire the pies to come. This is a lovely and elegant memoir.
 — Garrison Keillor, best-selling author and host of radio's "A Prairie Home Companion"

The book also includes a foreword by Ed Levine, author of 
Pizza: A Slice of Heaven and New York Eats (More). Levine is a frequent contributor to the New York Times Dining section.

About the Author

Anne Dimock writes and makes pies from her home in Afton, Minnesota. A creative writer working in prose, poetry, music, drama, and playwriting, Anne began the series that evolved into Humble Pie for her community newspaper, where she was a monthly contributor. She has received awards, honors, fellowships, and residencies for her narrative nonfiction. In addition to her stewardship of the next generation of pie makers, Anne is a sought-after writer and speaker for women's cancer support audiences.

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