Safely Endangered Comics
by Chris McCoy
Age Range: 18 to 35
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6.7 x 8
ISBN: 9781449497163
Publication Date: 4/9/2019
Pages: 144


A collection of gloriously random and unexpected cartoons from the hugely popular webcomic Safely Endangered.

Created by UK-based artist Chris McCoy, Safely Endangered's brilliantly hilarious comics have an unexpected, twisted punch line with an adorable illustration.  From relying far too heavily on Facebook to the struggles of sibling rivalry, Safely Endangered covers a vast range of ridiculously funny situations with humans, animals and even video game characters.    

Author Bio

Chris McCoy is a comic creator based in his hometown of Liverpool, UK. He spent his childhood drawing pictures in the back of schoolbooks. Now he spends his adulthood drawing pictures on the internet. 

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