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Quarter Life Poetry 2018 Wall Calendar
Format: Wall Calendar
Dimensions: 12 x 12
ISBN: 9781449486358
Publication Date: 5/23/2017
Pages: 24


Let's face it, adulting is hard. Trying to find a good job in your field, navigating awkward social situations, scraping up enough money to afford student loan payments and food . . . these are familiar young adult struggles, but many millennials have found that laughing about life makes it way easier to handle.

Samantha Jayne, creator of the popular Quarter Life Poetry Tumblr and Instagram, initially shared her doodles and funny poems about post-college life with friends as a way to cope with her own disappointments. She soon found that her funny-because-it's-true approach resonated with a lot of other people who have been there—millennials and more.

The Quarter Life Poetry 2018 Wall Calendar features two poems for each month of the year. The colorful illustrations make a fun, stylish statement on the wall of any apartment, dorm room, or work space, and the clever writing reminds you that, while the #struggle is real, you might as well LOL about it.
Author Bio

Samantha Jayne lives and works as an actress and writer in Los Angeles, California.

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