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Civility: What Would George Washington Say?
110 Rules for Today
by Steven Selzer
Format: Hardback - Nonjacketed
Dimensions: 5 x 7
ISBN: 9781524852443
Publication Date: 9/3/2019
Pages: 192


At the age of fourteen, George Washington wrote 110 guidelines to cultivate civility and orient himself toward others. He just might have been onto something.

Rudeness. Crudeness. Thoughtlessness. Hostility. Uncivilized behavior is everywhere. Although these guidelines are 250 years old, they’re still just as necessary in today’s society. From nail-biting to gossip to choosing friends, George Washington believed it was possible to spark inner change through outer habits. Civility: What Would George Washington Say? presents these 110 rules with engaging and conversational commentary, describing how they can be applied in the twenty-first century. And interspersed throughout the book are anecdotes, sidebars, and quotes. The tips and principles in Civility will enable readers to better handle interpersonal conflicts, conduct business, manage everyday stress with grace, and treat their fellow citizens with more respect.
Author Bio

Steven Selzer has been in private law practice in Montgomery County, Maryland, for 25 years. He has campaigned to increase civil behavior in the legal profession and is a staunch advocate of civility. He is a graduate of George Washington University, both as an undergrad and as a law student. He is also the author of Life's Little Relaxation Book.

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