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The Ghost Network (book 1)
by I.I Davidson, Aleksi Delikouras
Age Range: 10 to 12
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6.000 x 9.000
ISBN: 9781449497118
Publication Date: 4/16/2019
Pages: 224


The Ghost Network is a new, 3-book epic adventure series in which a group of teenage hackers get to work to save the world from disasters in the Dark Web as man takes on machine. I

Age Level: 10-12 Grade Level: 4th and up

Despite coming from different ends of the world, John, Slack, Akane, and Salome, age 12, have plenty in common. They love computers, coding, hacking, gaming—it literally flows through their veins. One more thing: they are all technically dead. The group comes together at the Wolf's Den in deepest Alaska, one of several top-secret schools for technological excellence around the globe. The place seems like a coder's dream come true at first, but things take a dark turn when the group realizes they are not like the other kids there. They uncover that the center is working on a potentially dangerous, secret project known as Project 31. What's worse, the guinea pigs are the kids themselves. The gang realizes that John's father implanted artificial intelligence in their bloodstream, in order to protect them, before going missing under mysterious circumstances. They are not only wanted by those in power, but are now being hunted. There's only one way out: to escape across the brutal Alaskan tundra where the truth will be revealed. 
Author Bio

Aleksi Delikouras, the series-creator, is a Finnish-Greek author and film director. He shot to stardom in his native Finland by penning his first novel at the age of 12 with the Nerds series. He also has a popular YouTube presence, with his DragonSlayer666 channel bringing over 2 million fans, 20,000 Facebook fans, and 27,600 Instagram followers. Aleksi works as a Reading Embassador, seeking to boost reading among children and teens.

I.I. Davidson is the pen name for author Gillian Philip who is based in north Scotland. She has written young adult and middle grade fiction for Bloomsbury, Tor Macmillan, Hachette, and Harper Collins. She has been nominated and shorlisted for awards including the Carnegie Medal, the David Gemmell Legend Award, and the Scottish Children's Book Award. As a member of the Erin Hunter animal fantasy team, she has toured extensively in the United States. 
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