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Emotions Explained with Buff Dudes
Owlturd Comics
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6.5 x 8
ISBN: 9781449486938
Publication Date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 112


Owlturd Comics playfully documents the ironies and weirdnesses of millennial life. Like a male Sarah’s Scribbles, Owlturd Comics frankly and fearlessly finds humor in failures of career, romance, anger management, sleep habits, and more.

In a casually weird, super relatable, pop-culture-inflected observational style perfectly attuned to the adulting generation, Owlturd Comics is full of heart. Life is often personified as a buff dude that Shen combats on a day-to-day basis. So are student loans, winter, and many, many other things.

Shen’s art style is visually distinctive, popular with young people, and emotionally expressive. In addition, his frequent considerations of larger questions like randomness, fate, death, and the might of Cthulhu make him relatable for audiences far beyond young adults.

Author Bio

Andrew lives in the woods in the middle of Massachusetts and makes comics for the Internet when he manages to avoid the roving packs of wolves. He hopes to continue making comics for a long time to come.

But you never know with the wolves.

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