Life Lessons from Catsass
by Claude Combacau
Format: Paperback - With Flaps
Dimensions: 7.1 x 9.1
ISBN: 9781449485283
Publication Date: 7/4/2017
Pages: 160


Step aside, Pusheen! With his sassy remarks, judging stare, and hilariously sinister antics, Catsass is the new kitty-du-jour.

From French graphic designer Claude Combacau comes a book of sassy, cat-themed coloring pages, mazes, and puzzles with directions like: “Put the pieces of the $3,000 vase Catsass just destroyed back together. Three odd pieces are parts of other ruined objects because you don’t deserve to have it easy.” Combacau’s “Catsass” cartoons about a lewd, crude, mischief-making feline have been featured on Bustle, Bored Panda, and elsewhere.

These cartoons remind us that, no matter how they capture our hearts and intrigue us to no end, cats are mostly self-serving creatures. Yes, your particular cat may be awesome and sweet, but this does not make up for the vast number of cats whose favorite activity is knocking stuff over.--Bustle
Author Bio

Claude Combacau is a young, French freelance illustrator and graphic designer who has done commissions for several websites and publishing companies.  The Catsass character was born in her "crazy cat lady's mind" as she observed her own cats who are "not as horrible as this one."
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