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Prickly City: Big Book of Kevin: The Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse
by Scott Stantis
Age Range: 14 and Up
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 10/7/2014
Pages: 228

E-Book $7.99

A small town in the American Southwest ... everything in the desert is designed to prick you, wound you, or eat you. What better metaphor for 21st century Earth? Prickly City is a comic strip about the friendship between Winslow, a coyote pup, and Carmen, a straight and narrow kind of kid. Prickly City offers a conservative perspective on political and social events within an ongoing storyline. As Carmen might say, "We may not be correct but we will always be right." Their high jinks provide endless laughs as Winslow gets into trouble and Carmen follows. Join Carmen and Winslow for their adventures in the desert!

In the e-book original The Big Book of Kevin: The Lost Bunny of the Apocalypse, Kevin, an ambitious politician, serves as the epitome of the craziness that has become our politics.
Author Bio

Scott Stantis became the editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune in August 2009. He previously held the same position at the Birmingham News since 1996. Stantis also produces a weekly editorial cartoon for USA Today. A California native, Stantis has been married for more than two decades to his college sweetheart, Janien. They have two college-age sons and live in Hoover, Alabama, where Stantis likes to read, write, paint and curse his lawn.

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