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My Unflappable Mom
An Appreciation of Mothers
by Patrick Regan, Jonathan Chester
Format: Hardback - Nonjacketed
Dimensions: 6.1 x 6.2
ISBN: 9781449421779
Publication Date: 3/12/2013
Pages: 64

E-Book $2.99

A photographic penguin-filled ode to mom arriving just in time for Mother’s Day from the successful team who created Flipping Brilliant and other top-selling gift books.

Jonathan Chester and Patrick Regan's My Unflappable Mom is a loving tribute to “the most rare of birds—the incredible, unflappable mom.” You know the type. Band-Aids. Car pools. Freshly baked cookies. The 5th grade scale model of Mt. Vesuvius she helped sculpt out of papier-mache—complete with pyrotechnics. Chester’s striking and intimate nature photographs of tuxedoed penguins and their young beautifully illustrate Regan’s charming verse that honors those incredible, unflappable moms who nurture and instill a spirit of adventure and independence in their young. 
While it’s a mom’s job to be ever watchful, fiercely protective, and deeply engaged in her children’s lives, it’s also a mom’s job to let go—to send her young into the big scary world—whether that means walking away without looking back on the first day of kindergarten or nudging them gently out of the nest as young adults. In My Unflappable Mom, Chester and Regan celebrate the relationship between mother and child while praising mom for being the rare bird that she is—and that’s definitely something to flap about.

Author Bio

Jonathan Chester is a veteran polar photographer and expeditioner. The photographs in this book are from his many Antarctic expeditions.  Patrick Regan has written lots of books—some with penguins, some without. You can learn more about Jonathan and Patrick and their books at and Previous books by this creative duo include Flipping Brilliant and Stay Cool.

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