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Pretty in Pink
Why It's Good to Be a Girl!
by Bob Elsdale
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 6.000 x 6.200
ISBN: 9781449406585
Publication Date: 4/5/2011
Pages: 84

E-Book $4.99

The perfect gift to celebrate the best of girly-ness for women of all ages.

Pigs have a bad rep. They're often pictured as exactly the opposite of what a girl wants to be. But Bob Elsdale is here to prove piggy prejudice is all wrong. His collection of adorable photographs and silly, entertaining, and inspiring messages tell even the most pernickety of girls that sometimes, it's a good thing to be a little bit piggy. These picture-perfect mammals will delight and amuse any reader looking for a porcine pick-me-up. Whether she likes shopping, socializing, or just stopping to smell the roses, Pretty in Pink is the perfect gift for any girl.
Author Bio

 Award-winning photographer Bob Elsdale stretches the imagination with his stunning, original images. Merging his creativity and photographic talent with advanced technology. Bob creates extraordinary images ranging from a duckling's first steps to flying pigs and picnicking elephants. For The Two of Us, Bob had the privilege of capturing the incredible connection between chimpanzees Willie and Kenzy.
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