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Andrews McMeel Publishing Fathers on Their Favorite Comics

Jun 13, 2013

With Father's Day coming up this weekend, we thought it apt to ask a couple of our favorite AMP dads to write about the comic strip that most encompasses the trials and triumphs of fatherhood. Their answers (and the strips) were simultaneously LOL-worthy and tearjerkers... pretty much a typical dad response.

Happy Father's Day, to all you great dads out there.  

Cliff Koehler
Vice President of Production, Father to Meghan and Kristin

19 years

"Our first child was the perfect baby…content, sleeping through the night by the time she was 3-months-old.  Our second child was the exact opposite…inquisitive, with a bad case of colic.

I empathize with Darryl, the father in 
Baby Blues.  Zoe, Darryl’s baby, reminds me of our second daughter.  The ability of that “little bundle of joy” to transform from cute and sweet to angry and inconsolable hits home.  I can vividly recall experiencing Darryl’s feelings of elation, pride, terror, helplessness, and inadequacy that Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott portray in this timeless comic."

"Now that my daughters are grown, Baby Blues takes me back to those days when they were babies."

David Shaw
Publishing Operations Manager, Father to William
5 years

"Calvin and Hobbes was a staple in my house growing up. Everyone in my family read the strip first thing in the morning, and we had all the books. When I was younger, I obviously related more to Calvin's adventures, fantasies, and sense of humor than anything his parents did. Now that I'm older and have a boy of my own --- he's 6, which is just about the same age as Calvin --- I understand more why Calvin and Hobbes works as well as it does across all ages. The mom and dad are so realistically portrayed, and you can see both of their characteristics in Calvin, even though he's also as unique as they come. I've shamelessly borrowed the dad's penchant for responding to questions he can't answer by creating elaborate tales that aren't close to being true. It's a lot more fun than saying, "You know, I have no clue why the sky is blue." You get the sense that Calvin's dad has adopted the philosophy that parenting is the great improvisation. He gives Calvin what he needs, when he needs it. Calvin came with no instructions."

Calvin and Hobbes Father's Day Strip

"As I watch my son grow, I see a lot of Calvin in him; he's constantly creating his own games that are amazingly similar to Calvin Ball and he has the same bounce and enthusiasm for life. In the grand scheme of things, I'm only renting. He gets to run off on his own in a few years. I'm just trying to do the best I can and enjoy it, just like Calvin's dad."

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